Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wikis #16 & 17

Before today, I had yet to delve into the world of editing wikis, although there is one, a huge time waster called, that I have often been tempted to join. The library wikis looked interesting, and may be of some use for TCCL, but it looks like a lot of the information on those example pages was stuff we already had on our site in one form or another, either via a blog, pathfinder, or some other tool. Perhaps a wiki could serve a hub for those other avenues, but I don't know if that would make things easier or just complicate them.

I had a little trouble with the TCCL pbwiki page. The first entry, under favorite movies, was no problem, but when I tried to add my name on the 'blogs' page, it wouldn't take. After several tries, Tim came to the rescue and figured that there was a problem with the html on a previous entry that was blocking my edits. He deleted some interfering code and that fixed things, so huzzah for Tim. I took a one time Con Ed class on html a few years ago, and have had to deal with it some on the Featured Services blog, but aside from that I'm pretty ignorant about it. Maybe it's time I practiced up on it.

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