Monday, April 27, 2009

#21 podcasts

I've had some exposure to podcast, but not much, at least not in a subscription way. I catch up on a few shows on Hulu, but that's about it, and since those are major studio productions, that's probably not quite the same as what's being addressed in this 'thing'.

The podcast directories seemed to me to be limited in their usefulness, as far as browsing goes. They have the audio podcast separated into very broad categories, but after that, they are just listed by name, so unless the name itself gives a specific description of what the podcast is about, there's no way to look for particular topics. Even worse were the video podcasts, which were what interested me more. They are even divided up by categories, just all lumped together as video.

So, I just went to couple of sites with which I was already familiar and subscribed to a couple of their podcasts. The first was YouTube, which has a feed for the most discussed videos of the day. I figure this way I can keep up with the latest viral videos, which is of course of the utmost importance. The second was Studio Tulsa on KWGS.

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