Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#14 - Technorati

Now that I've been using the RSS feeds for a couple of weeks, this Technorati site may become more useful than I previously had thought. At first I didn't think I would have a desire to search out more feeds, being more or less content with the ones I had, and knowing I could add further feeds as I discovered them. But the bloglines account has made things easier than I expected, so I have more time to spend or waste on additional blogs. Huzzah!

That said, I've only spent a short amount of time looking through the popular blogs and searches on Technorati. Instead I've been looking more at the stats and other info on there about the blogging world. It's pretty phenomenal just how pervasive blogging has become. I kept a personal blog on my old Myspace page that I pretty much abandoned quite a while ago, but have thought about restarting on Blogger. It was pretty much a pointless exercise in narcissism, which I imagine many blogs are, but that sure didn't stop me, mainly because a handful of people actually read it. I may have to give it another shot, if I can find an audience (which very well could exist, judging by the huge number of blogs with some amount of 'Technorati Authority').

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